I have a publisher

Wednesday, 03 August 2011 12:30 David Keeffe

I've had three works (with more to follow I hope) accepted for publication by Wirripang, who specialise in Australian composers. As you can imagine, I'm very pleased by this, especially as they use an anonymous peer review process to decide on whether to sign a composer or not. There are some illustrious Australian names in their list (Colin Brumby, Houston Dunleavy and Margaret Sutherland to name just three), so it's nice to bask in a bit of reflected glory.

The three initial works to be published by them are:

This means that the Lulu score of 'the Undone Years' will be withdrawn. I mentioned in an earlier post that while I was abandoning the on-line store, and making scores more readily available, acceptance of works by a publisher would mean you would have to go to them.

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