David Keeffe

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The Undone Years - Flood


The Undone Years is a virtuoso concerto for tenor saxophone. This version, subtitled 'Flood' is with symphonic wind ensemble. Another version 'Fire' is scored for strings, piano and timpani.

Inspired by poems of the First World war poet, Wilfred Owen, this work expresses the uncertainty and fluctuating moods of "what might have been'. Its centrepiece is a wordless setting of the great poem "Dulce et Decorum Est", Owen's graphic expose of the realities of gas warfare in the trenches.

The recording is of the last movement - "Legs as Quick as Lilac-shoots".

The Undone Years - Flood was premiered on 26 February 2011 by Jason Xanthoudakis and the Grainger Wind Ensemble under Roland Yeung.


Duration: 25min
Instrumentation: Symphonic Wind Ensemble