David Keeffe

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Music3149 is the business name for work by me, David Keeffe, and my musical associates. You'll find lists of works, the occasional article and news item, and things to see and hear.

Why music3149? I'll leave that as a puzzle, just like the logo. It's an official business name owned by Systemsolve Pty Ltd, registered in Victoria, Australia. And yes, that's me, David Keeffe, too.

Writing computer programs and writing music have a lot in common (and many differences, of course): you have to be precise in your instructions, you have to make your point effectively and efficiently, and great presentation counts for a lot. You also have the chance (nowadays, at least) of testing your work before releasing it into the wild. And you can fix it afterwards too.

Does that make the music dry and academic? I sincerely hope not - but I hope you can be the judge.