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Home Performances Past The Undone Years - Flood - 26 February 2011

The Undone Years - Flood - 26 February 2011

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It was an honour to hear Jason Xanthoudakis with the Grainger Wind Symphony under Roland Yeung perform The Undone Years.

It's clear that it is a difficult work to master for both soloist and band, so my thanks to all who put the work in to create such an effective performance. Jason's playing made it sound effortless, which of course is the aim of any great player!

With new works, the listener often has a tough time knowing where to start. We can't ignore how much familiarity with a style assists in the appreciation of works. So I really appreciated Catherine Keeffe's engaging introduction, setting the scene and "telling the story" to an attentive and sizeable audience.

My being present at the rehearsals I suspect wasn't always helpful - but I had the chance to make some minor revisions for subsequent performances. Let's hope there are many!

The tenor sax has a much smaller repertoire than the alto, so I hope that this work will find its place.


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